Why Me?


Most importantly:  I am driven to create high quality Art Photographs....if you have seen them, and they are what you want....then I am a great choice.  It all starts there. Then, if you hire me, I believe you will be happy with what I do and how I do it;  I handle things in a straight -up, responsive, dedicated, professional manner.  You can see from my reviews and testimonials (Some below, more on the Wedding Information page), people are very happy with how I handle things and my results.  Here’s what’s behind that:

  • PEOPLE – The ability to deal with subjects in a way that gets the very best out of them is central….I believe its a strength.  I strive for looks of connection, the very best ‘looks’ I can get.  Things I do to create this:  putting people at ease; drawing looks of connection out; bringing people together for group shots in ways that are easy and natural; cultivating the positive and upbeat; bringing out the best.

  •  ART & BEAUTY – I continually look, scout, for the conditions of light, color, scenery that will look great…..then I position my subject in that place and shoot.  I find:  beautiful scenes, gorgeous color and light; backgrounds that tell a story.  I know the art of background blurring---seeing the color and light that will look amazing.

  • CUSTOM DEVELOPING—The best of photography now is produced by using  BOTH 1) great cameras AND 2) amazing software. I know from experience that A commitment to BOTH is necessary.  My shooting is in the RAW format, which is basically data gathering.  The photos are really created in the software.    Not all photographers have a passion for BOTH, not all photographers develop their own photos, or spend the necessary time to do it well.     I have a passion for BOTH shooting and developing.  I have the very latest software, know what it can do, and shoot knowing what I can do in developing.   I use BOTH  to turn my vision into Art Photographs.  In addition, its important to me to do the re-touching that is appropriate and necessary.  In summary – I strive to never let a photo go out unless it has been optimized, and looks as good as I know it can.  

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“Exceptional talent, service, and the best to work with”.  -- Magazine Executive

“John is an incredible photographer AND person. He was a joy to work with and made me feel like a beautiful person both behind and in front of the camera through his kind words and encouragement! He has a very authentic and evident love for photography, and takes great pride in his work. The photos he created were beautiful and ethereal, and I could not be more pleased! You cannot go wrong with this photographer.”  --Professional Model

“…I was impressed with your professional attitude, commitment to being there early to late your HARD WORK!  Your ability to cope with everyone there.  And we got the phots so quickly, thank you!   I recommend you to anyone needing a really good photographer…..”    --Event Client


10 Things About Me

  • I specialize in PEOPLE photography.  Weddings, Portraits, events.  All centered on making people look great.  I believe that doing all 3 makes me better at each.

  • I do it because I love it......its a choice.......I've been a serious photographer since 1978.......over time, I've learned that photographs of People are what draw me most......when I capture 'THAT LOOK', or any special photograph, its great fun, and it has great meaning to me.

  • I take great care and time in developing the photos.  I believe it is a key difference maker.  The shooting time is typically 1/3 of the total time - 2/3 is spent on selection and optimization/developing.  Many of my photographs are composites, meaning that they are made up of 2 or more photos.

  • In Portraits....whether still or video.....the most important things are the EYES, expression, feeling......when people relax and are themselves, that's the best.....just look at me directly and I will do the rest, its easy.....I go for emotion, animation, personality displayed......I shoot for that, I select photos for editing with that in mind, and I edit to bring that out.  

  • Weddings....are my great 'photo opportunity'.....beauty, MEANING, family, setting, emotion.....people who want to be photographed, want  great photos, want that meaningful moment captured, want their story told.......kinda heaven for me.

  • I am a geek, a techie.....I love the digital age......figuring out the depths of the settings of my camera, fixing a computer problem, experimenting with software.......my idea of a good time.

  • My idea of a great time:   someone WANTS great images, has seen MY images, wants that, and is happy giving me a small chunk of time to create something they like.

  • I have  three perfectly imperfect kids, a beloved creative wife, an unruly house, a community of characters, in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle.

  • In a prior life I was a lawyer.  Need I tell you that I like this better?  But the lawyer experience helps me in a lot of ways.

  • Some movies I like:   Godfather III (Al Pacino kills me); Oh Brother (great stupid fun); Sophie's Choice (Streep in her chameleon prime); The Reader (now that is drama);  The Big Lebowski (makes me belly laugh); Training Day (most intense movie I know); Forest Gump (Americana made original); Tree of Life (visually stunning, I want to shoot like THAT); Se7en (twisted!).  


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