John Curry.  John Curry Photography.  This the "ABOUT ME" section, where I talk about my approach and thoughts re photography and videography.  And .... please email me!

10 Things About Me

  • I specialize in PEOPLE photography
  • I do it because I like it.......I've been a serious photographer since 1978.......over time, I've learned that photographs of People are what draw me most......when I capture 'THAT LOOK' its great fun, and it has great meaning to me.
  • Still photographs are my first love......but VIDEO now has amazed me......and the creative possibilities that software and technology give us wow me.......when I capture good images its fun, and after, developing the imagery is often magical.
  • In Portraits....whether still or video.....the most important things are the EYES, expression, feeling......when people relax and are themselves, yahoo.....just look at me directly and I will do the rest, its easy.....I go for emotion, animation, personality displayed......I shoot for that, I select photos for editing with that in mind, and I edit to bring that out.  
  • Weddings....are my great 'photo opportunity', MEANING, family, setting, emotion.....people who want to be photographed, want  great photos, want that meaningful moment captured, want their story told.......kinda heaven for me.
  • I am a GEEK.....the more parts I can do for a project the better......shooting (stills, video), scanning, music, multimedia, graphics, editing, web site development, output for mobile, all......functionality makes me happy.
  • My idea of a great time:   someone WANTS great images, has seen MY images, wants that, and is happy giving me a small chunk of time to create something they like.
  • I have  three perfectly imperfect kids, a beloved creative wife, an unruly house, a community of characters, in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle.
  • In a prior life I was a lawyer.  Need I tell you that I like this better?  But that experience helps me in a lot of ways.
  • Some movies I like:   Godfather III (Al Pacino kills me); Oh Brother (great stupid fun); Sophie's Choice (Streep in her chameleon prime); The Reader (now that is drama);  The Big Lebowski (makes me belly laugh); Training Day (most intense movie I know); Forest Gump (Americana made original); Tree of Life (visually stunning, I want to shoot like THAT); Se7en (twisted!).  

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