Information On My Event Photography

I photograph events of all types......Celebrations, Award Events, Auctions, Winery Events, parties, Performances.  See examples in the "Events" dropdown list above.  


Featuring:  1. High-Quality art style event photos; 2. Provided quickly, within 24 hours if needed; 3. without restrictions so that they fly in social media.  More below:


Make it Look Great

  • I shoot to make your event look amazing

  • I have high quality standards for event photos......Photos are stylish, lively, beautiful

  • I'm experienced at making people, and settings, look their best

  • The story of your event, beautifully captured

Fast Delivery

  • photos have most impact when just taken.....its important get them out quickly 

  • I make the first photos available next morning

  • All photos typically available w/i 24 hours of event

  • I deliver to you via the cloud

  • I also create a web page of your event on my site, with a link you can share

High Promotional Value

  • I produce photos great for celebrating last night

  • And valuable for promotion and sales of  future events

  • Where appropriate, I frame logos/signage in the background of photos

  • include a lower-thirds branding banner in the web versions of the photos unless otherwise discussed

Broad Distribution

  • I am geared to make the photos used freely and broadly

  • when shooting, I tell people  the photos are available tomorrow at no charge

  • I feed the photos to you quickly, so that you can get them out 

  • I also promote your event through my own social media posting 


  • Private parties or small events start at $500

  • Large or extend events top out at $1500

  • Quick price proposals


  • Where your event had broad scope or large attendance, I show it

  • multi-shot panoramas are a great way to show the whole scene

  • Highly placed go-pros 

  • drone photography available


  • Showing the details of the event helps tell the story

  • Capturing the food and drink communicates celebration

  • photos of the small things increases the sense of range