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Approach & Philosophy

Wedding photography is a passion for me.  As a photographer, it's an Opportunity that I love....the photographs are treasured and important, the venue is beautiful, and I am given the access and time i need to create special photographs.  

It's A very special time, that becomes family history.   I'm respectful of it, and feel a duty to do it right.   My goal is to capture the important moments of your story - and to make it all look as beautiful and meaningful as it is.   I am on a mission to create every beautiful image of your wedding that I can.    I approach the day that way, I arrive early and stay late.  I typically come to the rehearsal so that my anticipation on the wedding day will be top notch.  I continually look for scenes, moments, that will make great photos.   

I shoot and develop for human emotion and beauty.  My photographs have a connectedness, liveliness, beauty.  that special look on your face, in your eye.  I am always thinking about composition and lighting.   The result is, that my photographs capture 'you', in scenes of great color, lighting, beauty.

I believe you will be very happy with the Skill and devotion I bring to photographing your wedding, how I deal with you/your family/friends....and most importantly, I believe you will love the images that I create for you. 


recent comments about my wedding photography:

…Your photos were classy and beautiful.  Just the way wedding photos should look...”     Friend of the Bride

…We could not be happier with our decision to choose John for our wedding photographer!! He was super friendly, genuine, and easy going from the first time we met him for our engagement photos. He is so accommodating and willing to do whatever he can to make sure you are happy. He went above and beyond in everything he did! … John spent so much time from the rehearsal dinner to spending literally all day at our wedding! We loved that he dedicated his whole day to our wedding so we did not have to stress at all. And even after the wedding he is still working so hard to get us our wedding photos as soon as possible! We loved that we got the first 40 photos so fast after the wedding! BEAUTIFUL WORK!...”      Bride

“…John was incredible at the wedding and did an absolutely amazing job of documenting the beautiful event that was [the] wedding. Thanks John!...”     Wedding Officiant

“…John is an amazing photographer and a consummate professional. He was fun and personable, while at the same time being unobtrusive. John went over and above, followed us around for several days, and produced some amazing photographs to memorialize our daughter's wedding and the related events. I hope I have many future opportunities to enlist his services…”     Mother of the Bride 

….And thank you so much for the beautiful video...we Loved it so much!!! I cried through the whole thing!!! We are so fortunate to have had you as our photographer!!!...”     Bride 

"...He was there for us every step…. It is so apparent that this is his passion and he is extremely skilled and talented. He has a true gift. He is so friendly. I can't get over how amazing he is. We also think of him as a friend and will always use him in the future for any special events, and we will definitely 100% recommend him. His photography made me feel like I could be a professional model. It was a dream come true, even if it was just for a couple of days. If you are looking for a professional, reliable, affordable, artistic, passionate, amazing photographer...this is your man.”   Bride

…Thanks John Curry Photography for the stunning photos from [the] wedding. It was really cool that you posted them on Facebook and tagged us all. As you can see, I've used them as my new profile & cover photo! If I ever decide to get married, I'll be in touch!...”     Bridesmaid

…[We] told John from the beginning that we were having an unconventional wedding and wanted photos that helped convey that. We bypassed formal photos and John instead documented our entire wedding process in a photo journalist style. I could not be any happier with the final results! Our friends and family who weren't able to attend the wedding have been able to join in our experience through these beautiful photos…”    Bride

“…I just wanted to say how much I have been loving our pictures on Facebook….”     Bride

 “…I was impressed with your professional attitude, commitment to being there at all the events and your HARD WORK!  Your ability to cope with everyone else taking photos too. I recommend you to anyone needing a really good photographer…..”    Mother of the Bride

Delivery of Your First 25 Photos Within Days

I believe it is important that you, Your Family and friends see photos right away.  I deliver your first 25 Wedding photos within 7 days (often quicker than that, often more photos than that).  I typically do this by posting an album to facebook, and tag you, your family and friends.    If you have pre-wedding activities (rehearsal, parties, etc) 2 days or more before the wedding, I will take photographs and post them before your wedding.  Its a great way to build excitement about your wedding.     

Savannah's Tea

Savannah's Tea

Savannah had a tea party at Remedy Tea on Capitol Hill.  It was 2 days before the wedding.  I took photos and posted this Facebook Album 2 days before her wedding.

Ana's Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Ana's Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Ana's Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner were 2 days before her wedding.  I attended and posted this Facebook Album the day before her wedding.

Robin's Wedding -  First 50 Photos

Robin's Wedding -  First 50 Photos

Robin's wedding was on August 1.  On August 5 I posted this album of 50 of her first photos.

Engagement Photos Included Upon Request

I favor doing engagement photos with you.   There is No extra charge.   Its a great way For Us to meet, For you to see how I work, and for us to develop more ease in working with each other.   I like this approach because it lets you understand and trust how I shoot and handle things, which I find helps you relax on your wedding day.   Here are some engagement photos that I love...

Options & Pricing

I take a "Flat Fee" approach, all shooting and developing included, with options to add other items.


Wedding Albums & Photobooks

Wedding albums and photobooks have become so easy to do, with great websites and software, many great design and layout options, in amazing quality.  I believe that the best thing I can do, rather than try to sell you one,  is to fully support whatever independent choice you make.   That might be one of the Album companies, or a freelance album designer, or someone you know with an eye for design.  I can recommend album services and album designers.  I will support that process and cooperate with it in any way that makes sense.  For more information, please look at my "Options & Price List" document.