I love video.   I'm experienced at it, and have great equipment to produce high quality HD video.  I also work with other video partners.   The fusion of stills, video, time lapse, music, effects.   The story telling aspect so fun.  Check out my site on Vimeo (button to the right) both my professional and personal stuff there.

The Twins First Birthday!

I had the privilege of shooting both photographs and video at Blake & Luke's 1st Birthday Party.  Twins are a little miracle.  This fun, warm, 1st Birthday Party, with family and loved ones recognizing the twins, was special to see.  Congrats to all.


Laurie & Bill - A Short Film

Laurie & Bill were married on a beautiful day in Bill's parent's backyard.  This short film, 4+ minutes, tells that story.


Gretchen & Jason - Our Wedding At Wallace Falls Lodge

Gretchen and Jason got married at Wallace Falls Lodge.  Their families came together and spent a few days celebrating their union.  This 1-hour film tells the story of their wedding.


Christine & Chandler Get Married - The Short Story

Chandler and Christine got was both beautiful and fun.  I made this short video, and got it to them days after the wedding, perhaps for their use in social media.  Its 4 minutes....many nice moments and images. 


Our Wedding

This 90 minute film captures the full story of Christine and Chandler's Wedding......rehearsal, wedding day, ceremony, reception, and departure.....I love their run through their sparklers-and-tunnel-of-friends and their drive away....take a look, near the end.  The music they used was new to me, its great. 


Slideshow....In Time For The Reception

This is an example of something I can do for Brides & Grooms.  This slideshow, which includes photos of the wedding hours earlier, was ready for, and played at, the reception.


Engagement Photos - A Slideshow

Had a lot of fun shooting these engagement photos of Adrienne Marie & Michaeljo.  The days started out cloudy, but we had full sun by the end.  Shot these at several Seattle locations.



Milo turned 1.  Parents Gretchen and Chris gave me a great opportunity to photograph him.  Milo's images just kill me.  His gaze so straight, direct, bare.  I got so many images of him that I just love.   They are a great family, and were easy and fun to spend time with. 


Dolly Turns 80

Dolly, beloved by all, had her 80th birthday.  I spent a couple of hours with her, photographing her, trying to make 'the' portrait of her in her beautiful home.  At the end of the session, I shot a short video of her expressing her gratitude about life, and made this short clip.


Newborn Elise

I got to photography Elise in her first few weeks, at home.  When I arrived, she was asleep on her parents bed.  Great light flowing in.  After she woke, some great moments of fully eyed awareness.....Elise resting in her father's hand is one of my favorite images.  


Steve and Judi


I joined Steve and Judi at their rehearsal.  Beautiful day, beautiful place - Hidden Meadows in Snohomish.  They, the wedding party, had so much fun.   I got some photos of the couple, their day, that I love......this video is a slideshow of those images.